Rio & So Red the Rose

Ask Katy

Whilst attaching covers to the files of some of the albums on my iPod last week, I was reminded of something I noticed nearly 25 years ago: Both the covers of Duran Duran's RIO and Arcadia's SO RED THE ROSE bear striking paintings of rather exotic women. Did the Arcadia co-conspirators mean to imply a connection, while also distancing themselves from their own prior work in Duran Duran or was this all mere coincidence?

“Dear Crispin, Thanks for psycho-analysis of our of 1980s album cover art works. Since I spend most of my time conspiring as to how we may use imagery of beautiful glamourous women in our artwork, it is not surprising that you have picked up upon this thread. It is also possible you may have noticed a similarity in style and graphic design as both the albums you have cited were overseen by Malcolm Garrett. We also continued to use the theme of symbols, which were particularly evident on the third album. I hope this sets your mind at rest. Yours hopefully, Nick.”