Favorite Cover

Ask Katy

This is for all the guys: I'm sure the four of you are excited, as I certainly am, about your cover of "Boys Keep Swinging" being included on the new David Bowie tribute album, "Repetition." Aside from that song --because I know the latest thing is always the easiest to be excited about-- what do each of you consider your favorite cover song that Duran Duran has recorded? (For me, it's a tie between "Watching the Detectives" and "Lay Lady Lay.") --Nathan

"Hello Nathan. With the exception of a couple of tracks, which we feel were possibly the wrong choices at the time, I still feel that the "Thank You" album contains some unique perspective on the songs we decided to cover. I think my personal favorites are probably "Perfect Day" and " White Lines," which are different enough from the original versions yet still manage harness the power of those songs. Nick"