Missing Birmingham

Ask Katy

Firstly I'd like to ask the boys to come do a gig in Biringham again asap. I'm only 23 so was unfortunate to have missed many years of Duran Duran and have tried to make up for it since with gig attendance since I was 13 and being an avid fan. I live in Birmingham and even made my mom show me where the Rum Runner club used to be (oh how I'd love to have frequented that place while they were forming).

What I'd like to know is, do the boys miss Birmingham at all and does Broad Street (where the Rum Runner was) hold any nostalgia for them? Thank you, Alexandra, Birmingham

"Oh god yes.. all of Birmingham holds tremendous nostalgia for us, great memories. And not just that, I love the energy of Birmingham, we all do, and thrive on it when we are there (which we were two days ago in fact, having a great time.. there should be photos.. we've sent to KK...) JT"