Arcadia/Duran Crossover?

Ask Katy

Hi Katy: Hope you are well! A question, please for Nick or Simon, regarding the period: "So Red The Rose" / "Notorious" LPs. This week, I have mostly been listening to "So Red The Rose" / "Notorious" LPsand it has occurred to me (for some time) that maybe, perhaps some of the songs could have been on either album really. For example: "Winter Marches On" / "A Matter of Feeling" could easily have been an Arcadia track! Perhaps with a little bit of tweaking here and there! And then, for example, "The Flame" is surely funky enough to have made it onto the "Notorious" LP if it hadn't made "So Red The Rose"! So the question is, were any Arcadia songs kept over that evolved into songs that made it onto the "Notorious" LP, or indeed as future Bsides, like "We Need You / I Believe/All I Need To Know"? It's something that has been bugging me since 1985/6 when I seriously got into these two albums; they became the inspiration for me doing very well in my English coursework/exams! Thank you for these two stunning albums - a defining time in my life and still your best works, only my opinion of course!! John, London

"Hi John, Nick and Simon say there were absolutely no cross-over between material for the two projects. They started from scratch with NOTORIOUS, in fact every new track they wrote was named after an Alfred Hitchcock movie until a real title replaced the working title. Obviously, “Notorious” decide, as did “Vertigo.” While the NOTORIOUS album featured a very different band, to either Arcadia or Powerstation, the guys say there is no doubt that some of their songwriting style and characteristics followed through from previous records in to that project. Hope you passed the English Exams! Katy"