JT & Stewart

John, have to ask, what was it like playing with Stewart Copeland recently? Listening to his drumming on the early Police tracks was probably (with exception to an Elvis Presley tape that my parents gave me, along with my first mono tape recorder) the first moment that I can remember music lighting everything up. The next moment in line was when I first heard Planet Earth; so, with the greatest respect to Roger, I’d be interested to hear your opinions on playing with probably the greatest living drummer...
Best of luck for the new album release. Still trusting the process,

"Steve, The first day recording was difficult. Stewart is so 'full on' in every way it was almost intimidating. Perhaps because I was the 'producer,' and felt unqualified to tell Stewart anything, that could have helped make it seem a tricky session to negotiate.Several weeks later, just before the live event I went to Stewart's house. We had lunch and chatted, and he could not have been friendlier, or more interesting. That changed everything. Next time we played together a mutual trust had been established and we were both able to relax. On the day, how was it? In a word that my dear friend Roger dislikes most of all, 'awesome'!...John"