Bari Concert

Hi, Katy, This is a question regarding something I've been wondering about for several years: The first DD concert I attended in Bari (Italy, May, 30th 1987) was a total mess because of the torrential rain and the fact that the space in front of the stage was empty: the authorities hadn't given permission to stand there, lest we ruined the football ground. I can remember seeing Simon mopping the stage up himself. Now, assuming the band remembers this particular concert (i'm not sure, it was a last minute addition to the tour), how do they feel when things like these happen? What do they all think (apart from “ the show must go on?”): do they feel “ lonely” all alone on the stage? Or does it look like the gig wasn't sucessful? And more importantly: Wasn't there anybody else to mop up the stage for them? Thank you, Stefania

"Yes, we all remember the Bari show very well! It was one of the most bizarre shows we have ever played, we remember turning on the television to find our Promoter David Zard, being arrested by the local police. When we inquired about the translation it was explained that he was arguing that our fans should be allowed on to the football pitch. Unfortunately, as it was raining, the authorities did not want the audience on the pitch as they thought it would cause too much damage. This left us playing to an audience that was the full length of a football field away. Not the ideal configuration....the rain was torrential, it’s actually remarkable we made it through the entire show, probably wasn’t the greatest experience for the audience but as we could not re-schedule we felt it was better to go ahead and make the best of it. We now look back upon it fondly, but have blanked out any memory of the mops...The Band"