Fashion Forward

Hello and hope all is well! This question is for Nick. One of the latest clothing trends reflects that the 80s are back from neon colors to leggings and legwarmers. While Duran Duran were paving the way with your unique style, what outfit(s) would you like to pull out from the back of your closets and wear now whether it be everyday life or on the stage?

“Well anything that becomes fashionable has to go out of fashion sooner or is interesting to me to see how good some of the 80s influenced clothes look today, since the decade was once written off as one of the least stylish in history. What is evident is the distinctive lines of the clothing and the individuality which almost vanished during the 90s. Somehow it all seems right again although I am entirely sure as I was in the 1980s that leg warmers will never be a good look. NR”