Song Parodies

Hi Katy, This one is probably for Simon, but I suppose anybody could have an answer. Does the band ever parody their own songs, for their own amusement? Any alternate lyrics you would care to share?
Thanks, Candice from Colorado

"Dear Candace, I thought long and hard until finally it came to me. The answer to your question is this: No, none of us are that clever.

Then I remembered that we almost always refer to "Hungry Like the Wolf" as "Angry Like the Wife"; that we refer to "The Wild Boys" as "The Mild Boys"; "Save a Prayer" is "Save Us a Slice of Pizza"; "The Reflex" becomes "The Roof-Rack"; "Rio" - "Rolos"; "Late Bar" either - "Hate Bar" (for obvious reasons), or "Mars Bar" (for reasons less obvious). And then there's this:for a lyric that I often find myself singing for "Union of the Snake": "the onion for the steak is on the side." And that's not all, how about (to the chorus of "Ordinary World"). "And I don't mind when you're away, there's a sordid looking girl I can take from behind."

Amazing isn't it!