Sweeping Up

Hey Katy, Here's one for Nick: Do you remember the last tour date of Power Station in '85 at the Meadowlands where you walked across the stage sweeping with an industrial size broom in full "Arcadia" regalia? I cannot take credit for this question. My friend John Ares from the TV series Music Madness in New York told me. Is this true? Marcella

"Kathryn, I am afraid we're getting some repeats in ASK KATY as I do remember answering this one before...but perhaps I am wrong. For the record: It is true. I happened to be in NY and thought I should go and see what the opposition were up to. It was really an homage to Andy Taylor, who had been photographed with a broom in our first official photo session with EMI Records in 1981. One of my personal favorites of him. NR”