An Interesting Choice of Clothing

Hi Katy: I recently saw the guys in Toronto for an amazing show and was lucky enough to see them backstage just before the show for a quick meet n greet and picture. My eyes have been on Simon's face for so long I never realized what was on the T-shirt he was wearing. It looks to me like the two cowboys are touching penises(?) LOL, and I was wondering if indeed that is what I am seeing , what does it say on the bottom of the shirt and what provoked SImon to purchase that t-shirt?!" Cheers, Shelly

"Dear Shelly, Yes, this is a bootleg copy of a very famous Vivienne Westwood design for a T-Shirt which was originally sold at her punk boutique SEX at 430 Kings Rd in the late 70s. The caption at the bottom reads:

"Ello Joe, Been any where lately. "

Nah, its all played aht Bill,
Gettin to straight."

The fact that I was wearing it during almost all of the meet & greets we did, was the source of a great deal of quiet amusement for me. whooosh, s