Commando Song

This is in regard to a Power Station song.... in the movie "Commando", the Power Station did a song that is listed in the end credits as "We Fight For Love." It's been known among Duranies as one of the most desired and unreleased songs for years now- and everyone has always referred to it as "We Fight For Love."

When the song was finally released on the Power Station cd that was reissued a few years ago, it was listed as "Someday, Somehow, Someone's Gotta Pay." They chorus of the song actually says "SomeWHERE, somehow, someone...."- (not "SomeDAY") so the name of the song that appears on the cd doesn't even properly reflect what is said in the song.

That boo-boo sort of makes me think that someone at the record label just threw the song on the cd without even doing their proper research. So... I would like my iTunes to properly reflect the REAL name of the song and I was hoping John could clear this up. Thanks!! Kevin

"Getting that song on the CD reissue was a personal quest of mine. That is the title of the song as far as I knew, and Michael Des Barres never suggested anything otherwise. Perhaps we retitled it for 'Commando' ? JT"