Rumour Rumour

Dear Katy,

Maybe John would not dignify this question with an answer, but it would be interesting to see what he says. Speculation has swirled for years about whether he played all of the bass lines on the first three albums. For example, Guy Pratt to Mark Egan to my next door neighbor is rumored to have recorded bass lines in John's place because John was just learning his craft. I just don't think these rumors are true at all, but would John like to just state that it's him 100%?

Hey, it's not a question about the Arcadia album for once.

I will write down ten more burning Duran rumor mongering questions to submit because I know how much you will like receiving them. Mmmmmm, yucky questions. M. Baxter

"Mmm.. I love the smell of spurious rumours in the morning..! Thanks M.
John Taylor (bassist)"