Ask Katy

Dear Duran Duran, I am really digging Red Carpet Massacre, and had a ball at your show. My comment/question: the moment when the song "Red Carpet Massacre" stops and "Nite-Runner" starts is one of my most favorite moments on any DD recording. Were these two songs united thusly early on in the recording process, or is song sequencing something that is done at the very end of an album's production? Does it change from album to album? Thanks for your time, Mark

"Sequencing the songs on the album is a very evolutionary process. We try out many different possibilities. "The Valley" was the opening track, we knew that the moment we played it back. The recording of 'Red Carpet Massacre' had a nasty cut off to it, and needed something edited hard against it. "Nite-Runner" was going to be the single, before "Falling Down" was written, and needed to be close to the top. The segway from "RCM" to "Nite-Runner" is one of my favourite moments on the album also. JT"