Cry Baby Cry + 2

Ask Katy

I've been reading here the stories behind the songs from the new album and after listen to the bonus track "Cry Baby Cry", I wanted to know the story behind this song and if was produced by Danja or just by the band? And a last question, I read in some press that the band worked in 14 songs since the first sessions with Timbaland and later with Danja & Douglass (curious, double "D" too..) and after listen the "12+1" songs of "Red Carpet Massacre," is there another song we didn't hear yet? In that case would it be released as part of a cd-single or other ways (iTunes)?

" "Cry Baby Cry" was written and produced by Duran Duran and Danja, The inspiration for the song was very much "Tabloid Princesses."

There were two other tracks written in the same session, but neither of them are likely to be released on iTunes or anywhere else in their current form as the band felt they never reached fruition. Nick says he would very much like to complete at least one of them in the coming watch this space! Katy"