Is Every One a Classic?

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Well it only took me ten years or so but I have a question, finally...The “Rio” album is being recognised by the Classic Album DVD series and is deservidly rubbing shoulders with Lennon, Queen and Nirvana. For me “Rio” is a classic mecca of 80's style meets substance that is simply timeless in appeal. I would like to know what record the band would have choosen from their back catalogue to showcase the writing, production and mixing if they could have picked any album for inclusion and why that would be their choice? Thanks, Gerard

“Dear Gerard, It appears you take longer to come up with questions than we take to make records... I am programmed to believed that every album we make is an instant classic. If this were not the case. I fear I could end up in psychiatric analysis for eternity. Hence I could have chosen any of our releases and talked endlessly about the process, each one has its own unique story. That said, I do think the public interest in a project and its social relevance are important criteria for this particular show. Therefore, “Rio” was undoubtedly the best choice. I do think “The Wedding Album” holds some secrets though, and can’t wait to do “Medazzaland.” Yours ever, Nick”