"Ordinary World" Trivia

Hi! A few years back I heard that when the band was recording "Ordinary World", a Concorde jet took off nearby and could be heard on the recording. Is this true? I believe I heard it on a radio show, and they said the song was recorded at someone's apartment or something. I have listened to the song MANY times, even through headphones. I hear one little spot that could be the jet. Very hard to tell when you consider all the synth sounds layered into the song. Thanks, Brian, Westport Island, Maine, USA

"The song was recorded in Warren Cuccurullo’s home studio in Battersea, London. At that time, the Concorde did indeed pass over several times a day. So, depending upon what the band were recording, the tracks are littered with faint sounds of the big bird passing by, according to the band. You probably wouldn’t be able to hear it however unless you were able to isolate individual tracks in the Studio, most noticeably, vocals, as they were recorded with live microphones. The band says they believe Concorde is audible in main track for “Ordinary World” but definitely not on the record. KK"