Multi Tracks

Dear Katy - I wanted to pass along how much I enjoyed the "Rio Classic Albums" DVD and how interesting it was to hear when theband members played through the separate tracks to explain how the songs were constructed.

I downloaded the "Nite-Runner" project files made available last year for Garageband and it's amazing listening to the individual components - I guess my question/request would be most appropriate for the fantastic Mr. Rhodes: Nick, is it possible to make more multitrack mastersavailable for download in the near future - both old and new? Is there a big legality problem involved with this? Can the multitracks be purchased? Thanks, Mark in Scarborough

"Glad you enjoyed the "Nite-Runner"/Garage Band experience Mark. I think it is interesting to hear the songs broken down in to their components. We have discussed making a broader selection of Masters available in the future, however there are, of course, some rights issues, particularly with older material. Whilst I was fascinated to hear some of the re-mixes created from the "Nite-Runner" stems, if we made our entire catalogue available, it could cause havoc by the sheer number of new versions of songs created and flying around the internet ether. What did occur to me when we were going through the Masters of the RIO album for the "Classic Albums" show, is how few tracks we used to create a finished song. RIO was recorded on 24 track analogue tape, whereas now, recording directly in to a computer using a digital pro-tools system, we have an infinite number of tracks available which generally results in any where upwards of 60 tracks being used to create a Master...i am not entirely sure the new method is better, having to make decisions for a concise amount of tracks can often result in more focused music. NR"