48 years of albums

Hi John,

I am a big fan of vinyl and will NEVER part with my records. That being said, I think your idea of giving your friends an album on their 50th birthday for each year of their life is fantastic! If someone were to compile an album for each of your 48 years, what would be essential for you? I know that's a big request, so maybe a few from each decade that stand out (or all 48 if you're up for the

I'd also like to know what's currently on your turntable?


"As you can imagine I have given this serious thought...The first Daft Punk album? Radiohead's 'OK Computer'? What about the Red Hot Chili Peppers? It's the more recent years that are tricky. The sixties obviously The Beatles (their 'First American Album is my absolute fave...), Stones from later years, 'Let it Bleed' maybe, or 'Beggars Banquet'...A Dylan I guess...James Brown...The Seventies was my decade: Bowie, so many to choose from, T.Rex's 'Electric Warrior', Roxy Music, Eno, Queen 2 and Genesis ...And then the Sex Pistols, the first Clash album...What about Motown? Marvin, Stevie, Michael Jackson...Disco: Chic - 'Good Times' of course, or 'C'est Chic'...Don't forget Jamaica, The Wailers 'Natty Dread' maybe...Stax and Chess...The 80's!...That can get tricky. Prince of course, '1999' is my favourite...Madge?. Hmm... Maybe a greatest hits?...No Doubt's 'Rock Steady', the first Strokes album...Patti Smith, New York Dolls and the Stooges...Maybe the Doors second album... (Are you getting all this?) Led Zeppelin...4? 'Four symbols' I reckon.. Queen II, Elvis' Sun Album or his first RCA album...Phew.. I'm exhausted and here's my breakfast!...Thanks for asking...JT"