Favourite DD Collectibles

I got my RCM Red Vinyl. WOW! I love colored Vinyl, this ranks up there with Prince's Purple Vinyl for Purple Rain. I am (as Katy is tired of hearing I'm sure) a Huge collector of Duran Duran items (no really I am near 300 pounds). With the lower production number, does this infact rank this item as one of the rarest Duran Duran items? And Part 2 of the question (Roger -- Drum roll please...Oh Simon already did that) Would the Band mind sharing personal Favorite DD items made. (The Gorilla Box for Liberty, the Krush Bros. Bootleg or Pop Up Tour Book) -- Thanks David. (Just attempting to match Simon's wit)

"Hi David, I have to say, the RCM Vinyl is one of my favorite items we’ve released for a long time.

In these days of digital downloads, we felt it was important to release the music on ultimate premium quality vinyl. It is an entirely elevated listening experience and for those patient enough, or lucky enough to listen on vinyl, we wanted to make it as special as we could. However, this is a very limited market in itself, so I imagine the RCM coloured vinyl package will remain a small and exclusive edition.

As I am sure you are aware, design and packaging has always been very important to the band, and so I have many favourites collectibles; some of the Japanese item immediately come to mind, the folding opera glasses were a revelation at the time, also from Japan – phone cards and battery packs. The Christmas bauble sets are another popular choice but regarding vinyl DURAN GO DUTCH, an official promotional bootleg is certainly among the rarest, and in our archive, the rarest pieces of all would be the original acetates for singles and albums, which are really initial test pressings of the product. Nick”