Frank Who?

Hello there...I was just going through my collection of DD tour programs (complete from 84-08, missing 81-83) and had a couple of questions for Nick...In the "Strange Behaviour" tour program on your page of musings it ends with the quote "Why does there have to be people like Frank in this world?" Just wondering if enough time has passed to enlighten us on the Frank you speak of? Also, in the "Pop Trash" tour program on the page entitled "Everyone has a favourite actress." there is an image on the page (photo attached) that bears a striking resemblance to the "RCM" cover and general styling...model in repose, black bar over eyes.... Just wondering if you were responsible for the "Pop Trash" era image as you were for the "RCM" ones. As always...thanks for everything all of you guys are...especially you, Nick! David O, Atlanta, GA

“The ‘Frank’ Nick is talking about is the Frank Booth character (played by Dennis Hopper) from the movie “Blue Velvet.” And you found a REALLY interesting coincidence because Andrew Day designed the “Pop Trash” tour program and Patty Palazzo did “Red Carpet Massacre” KK"