A Few from JT

Hi Katy, Question for John. Probably my favorite track on the Power Station album is “Go to Zero”, where the bass paying is outstanding. For this reason I was somewhat perplexed when I recently read someone comment on Youtube that the bass playing on that song was actually done by Guy Pratt. I find this hard to believe in spite of the fact that his name does appear alongside Robert Palmer’s as composer of that particular song. Could you please clarify this for me?? Cheers, Klaus

"It's not Guy playing...but it's his line that I'm copying...note for note. JT"

Dear John, I read some interviews where you hinted that 2 unreleased records of Duran Duran had already an artwork - namely BSIDES OURSELVES and REPORTAGE. Can you give us some info on those projects which we will probably never see? Did they involve band photography or just graphics? Did you do the art direction? Christian

" "Bsides Ourselves" was a B-side project that was shelved after EMI put out the complete singles box sets. "Reportage" had artwork that was advanced as the music was - the 'rough mixes' stage. JT"

Dear JT: Everyone knows it is a dangerous proposition to remake anything from NMTB, and most covers are awful. An exception to this rule, of course, is the cracking version of Bodies you did with the Neurotic Outsiders at the Viper Room. Of all the songs on Bollocks, why did you opt for Bodies as opposed to Holiday in the Sun, Pretty Vacant, etc.? Also: Have you had the opportunity to see, and dare I even ponder the delightful thought, play Sid’s white fender bass which Jonsey has in his possession from the ‘78 American tour? Thank you most kindly, Kathy

"Playing "Bodies" was Steve's call, entirely. We also played "No Feelings", "Pretty Vacant", "Anarchy" at other times. I have held, felt and caressed the holy grail...That is, the white Fender you speak of. But playing it live? It never leaves the house! John"