V Drums

Hi Roger, I noticed you're using a V-Drum in your most recent post (studio pics) and I was wondering if you intend to record your drums using MIDI signals or going the more 'classic' route, i.e. recording audio. I don't want to get too technical but I've been considering getting a V-Drum to record drum tracks using Logic Pro (via MIDI) and my worry is that I won't be able to record each drum sound signal to separate audio tracks. Do you have any advice? Thanks, and best of luck with the new album/songs. Claude

"Hi Claude, The original idea was to just use the Roland V.Drums for writing, to make initial sketches of the songs. In fact the sounds in the new V.Drum sound card are so great and inspiring that I may end up keeping some of these drum tracks but will still at a later date (when the songs are more developed) add some acoustic live drums as well, and of course because the V.Drums give out Midi signal, I have the option to replace the individual Roland drum sounds with acoustic samples ... which these days sound pretty amazing. Hope that is as clear as mud! Rt"