Learning About Duran Duran

Ask Katy

hey katy! I'm in the middle of my first year studying Music at University, and have just finished the 'History of Pop' module. Being the huge fan I am I was really happy to be able to sit back just listening to the history of 80's pop, where DD are mentioned - woop! - as part of the MTV boom. So thanks, I aced my exam (I think!)

Does the fact that music student bums such as myself and others are actually studying Duran Duran as part of a Music degree please them, amaze them, disgust them or what?

I'd be be interested to know what you feel about it! Cheers, Uni Student Music Bum, Bethan

"The band are thrilled to hear there has been such progress since they were at High School studying music. Listening to different styles of music, and charting the evolution of the influences, is definitely a fascinating journey. However, whatever you're listening to there, including Duran Duran, be sure to not let it interfere with your exploration of unique composition!"