Burning Bright v Arena

Ask Katy

i have one...in an ask katy about a song called "running blind"....well.....could you mean "burning bright"? in front of me i have 2 versions of "THE BOOK OF WORDS" [ a great piece, by the way ] and in the back discography.... where ARENA should be, ... "BURNING BRIGHT" [with no cover image] is listed. in the other pressing, ARENA is there. so ... same difference? and, was BURNING BRIGHT the original / working title for ARENA? This has always been a cool unanswered question to me.... simple as it may be, ... what's the deal? Vince

" “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, In the Forests of the Night” is the opening line of a famous William Blake poem. Since we had appropriated “Tiger Tiger” as a title for an instrumental on the third album, we used “burning bright” as a working title for the ARENA project, in hindsight, somewhat more interesting...i believe there is a bootleg of the show in Oakland from 1984 entitled “burning bright,” which unlike ARENA probably includes the entire performance. NR”