Ask Katy

My question is for Roger...I have had the pleasure of meeting you in Atlanta (I gave you a belated birthday gift). I have witnessed first hand how you interacted with my friend's son who you inspired to be a drummer. I watched how you spoke with him and encouraged him to continue on....I can see the joy in your face..It was very touching. I also know that you have inspired the drummer of the band Daughtry. I am sure there are countless others that drum because of you..My question to you, Roger, is: What goes through your mind when you hear you have inspired someone in such a way?...How does it make you feel? Thanks for the memories, Debbie

"Hi Debbie, belated thanks for the belated birthday gift, very kind of you. Yes, it's great to hear that I have inspired people to play drums. I still owe everything to the people I grew up listening to and continue to reference them every time I sit down at my kit, so for me to hear that I have been an inspiration to your friend's son, or anybody else for that matter, to my ears! Rtx"