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Dearest Simon-- Weaver of Golden Images- My question for you Simon is regarding the lyrics to the heady, tale spinning song Liberty. I have always wondered if they are indeed a beautifully crafted scenario describing a man and his long time mistress. Your words make me feel as if I am bearing witness to the near end of a long term, meaningful realtionship-- but not one based in holy matrimony.

I envision a man wanting to make it crystal clear that he desires the woman's company, companionship and more, but that he is incapable of offering her more than that fragile bit of promise. He can only offer occasional intimacy. And he really wouldnt want it otherwise, because he has other connections and pressing obligations, ie a marriage.

She is married too and is constantly under the microscope from her friends, who are aware and disapprove...

I see a man and woman who have enjoyed many seasons of each others love, have parted briefly and are at the crux of the matter, where SHE is handed the importance of deciding if she is to free herself from his bonds, or change her rmind, knowing he will be available to her, and bind herself to him once again.... If she chooses not to return to her lover, he is reminding her she is free to go-she has her Liberty-- and at the same time, she would be returning his Liberty to him, if she removes herself from the relationship.

Secondly is this song at all based on any two people you knew, at the time?

Now I'm left wondering if you're quirking your eyebrow and saying "Gahhh --Get RID of THAT ONE Katy!" If I am WAY off.. please give me the consolation prize and hint at what the lyrics are REALLY about!

Just for the record... This album left such a deep impression in my life that it was my plan for the following six years to name my first born daughter Liberty. Sadly, her father refused. When I told my daughter about this (Her name is Laura and she is now 13 and a BIG Duran Fan...) she, my mini Duranie, got very feisty and proceeded to harrass me endlessly for weeks, ticked to the HILT that I didnt stand my ground and name her after the album.

Always in Admiration of Your Words, You and Your Art, Jenean

"Dearest Jenean-- Knitsperson of Kindly Socks-

Before anything else, I'd like to tell you that I am frankly stunned, by the profound and eerily accurate summation of my work that you've been able to achieve. After years of being misunderstood I finally feel as though my message has got through to at least ... well, one person.

However much I'd like to - I'd be lying.

In fact, your email stands a very good chance of being the entertaining load of bollocks that I've ever read on the subject of my lyrics. But having said all that, I still find it touching that your interpretation of the song means so much to you. And, as I have said previously, over and over again: it's not - what I mean when I write the songs - that matters; it's - what you make of it when you hear them- that does.

Many thanks to you, and please tell your daughter Laura from me, that she has a lot to be grateful to her father for.


s (quirking my eyebrow indeed)... "tale spinning ..." woteva next!