Still Elusive

Ask Katy

Katy, I would love to hear Simon weigh in on the following question, if it fancies him:

Simon, there is a noticeable change in the lyrics for songs released before and through the Arcadia project compared to those for songs released from Notorious onwards. My impression is that the lyrics after So Red the Rose are much more linear and much less allusive. Certainly there are examples where the approaches bleed across the "border" that I've drawn, but what were some of the changes of heart that brought about this change in writing style?

Thanks for any consideration you lend to the matter. Very much looking forward to a new CD and what lyrics you might unleash for us listeners. Aaron

"Dear Aaron,... Blimey! What the hell is "allusive" supposed to mean? Is it like one of your American-English style word mashings (e.g. infomercial, or philanthropreneur-yeuch!) of "all-inclusive"? Becoz if it is, I think I probly agree with you. To be honest, the big change of heart to which you refer, was me deciding to make a conceerted efort to spel proply. That was 24 yers ago and as you can see, I've still got sum way to go. hop this answers yer question.whooosh, s

P.S. Once, a very long time ago, I did bleed all down a pair of white trousers, after one jealous boyfriend head-butted me in the nose, when he bust into the loo to discover me with his girlfriend's hands down my pants; but as far as I can remember that wasn't across the border, it was in LA."