The Dimension Beam

Hello Katy. My question is for Nick. I'm interested in knowing more about the Dimension Beam Instrument. Which songs do you use it for and could you describeor point out when to listen for it? Is the D-beam an instrument of the past or is it commonly used? Thank you for the many years of enjoyable sounds. Cheers,Heidi

"Haven't used that one for a few years, it must be said, but it was fun while it lasted. 1997- 2000 was its glory period, particularly featured on the song "Electric Barbarella," although I did use it throughout the set whenever I got the urge to make an extraordinarily abstract digital collision of soundwaves during any other song. The technology used for the Dimension Beam was integrated in to several different synths, one of which is called the Roland V Synth. As I now use two of these in my live rig, I can have endless fun using the Dimension Beam style feature in our watch out, you never know when I am going to have my next outburst! NR"