Thank You's Second Single

Hi Nick! When "Perfect Day" was released, my local purveyor of fine music played a promotional video clip with you doing some commentary, saying something to the effect that "Perfect Day" wouldn't have been your first choice for the follow-up single to "White Lines,: but that you were really quite pleased with how it turned out. The burning question: What would have been your first choice for the follow-up? Thanks to all for the great music, John C

"That's a very good question. I seem to remember my concern at that time was, in fact, with our record label's - Capitol in America and EMI for the rest of the world - deciding to split their decision on their choice for the first single, "White Lines" in the US and "Perfect Day" for the rest of the world. Hence, there was no worldwide focus and both territories forced to use the other track as their second single, so it really didn't work out to be an ideal situation for anyone. I am not sure what I would have chosen for a second single, possibly "Lay Lady Lay," but then I am still very happy with the way "Perfect Day" turned out. NR"