Dirty Great Monster

First, thank you very much for a wonderful show in Santa Barbara. It was my 9 year old daughter's (Middle name Simon pronounced Simone) first concert. It was my son's second (Middle name Taylor) concert (Hey we're huge fans). My question is for Simon, "Dirty Grey Monster".... my daughter would like to know what was your monster. I don't like to think for the artist on explaining or interpreting inspiration for a song (I did fib a lot on Skin Divers, Hey she's 9 and my Son is 14 let him figure it out later). Robert S

"Thanks for your interest. I'm sorry but you may have to fib some more to your daughter or you could explain to her the truth. The truth is that "Dirty GREAT Monster" is about someone close to my extended family, I am really not at liberty to be any more specific than that. My own personal DGM would probably have been Mr. Ponsford, deputy headmaster and his swishing cane ... "this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you" ... bollocks did it. whooosh, s"