Synths are Cheaper

Hi Katy, this is a question for Nick since he's the man behind the synths and the one who loves making lists. I'm curious to see a list of all DD songs that have used real strings (orchestra/violins etc). Correct my ears if they're wrong, but to me it seems the last recording to utilize real live strings was "Drive By" from the THANK YOU album. Since then it seems keyboards and synths have come a long way and can mimic the sound of a real orchestra so close that it's almost impossible to tell. I have a composer friend who was listening to "Someone Else Not Me" and "Still Breathing" recently and he was quick to say that those were synthesized strings. So why synth strings versus live ones? Is it because it's cheaper, easier and less complicated to coordinate? I'm guessing it's a lot more work and expensive for the band to work with a live orchestra during a recording session. Thanks, Gil

"Well now that you come to mention it, we should have used synthesizers as it would have been a lot cheaper and easier. However, either your pal needs a hearing test or we need a new Engineer because we did use a massive orchestra on the POP TRASH album for several songs and we also used real strings on the ASTRONAUT album. It has become increasingly difficult to tell the difference, particularly when the track is quite full with other instrumentation. But for that one stunning moment, when you push SOLO at the mixing desk, there they are in all their glory. Sadly, that feature does not yet exist on the iPod. NR"

Hi Nick, Hope everything is going well for you and the band. Us fans can't wait another day for the new material. Throughout the years, I have collected all the different remixes from Girls On Film to White Lines to Sunrise. What is the process that you guys go through to making a remix? Do you guys simply hire someone you admire to remix your singles or do you guys have a lot of input to the groove and feel of the remix? Thanks Nick and good luck on the upcoming album. Best wishes, Mike “Higher Admire Desire Require Satire Inquire or on Fire or all possible scenarios, some of which we would be directly involved with than others. Personally I always like re-interpretation as long as it complies to our general code of practice and rules of creativity. If these are broken the version in question will usually end up the trash. NR”