Vid for Out of my Mind

This question is re: the video for "Out of My Mind". I am curious who came up with the artistic vision for this video. It is still my favorite video to this day, and I see Nick's influence in it quite a bit (i.e. the vampire look of it, etc.). Was this a group effort, artistically, or did one of the guys storyboard it? Also, what exactly is this song and video about? I find it fascinating. The whole figurative and literal ghost thing, out of my mind analogy...I think it's so great. I just wish there were more of it. It plays like a movie to me.
Thanks for reading!-Christine

"Out of my Mind" is a Goth ghost story. So the video was tailored (in the absence of our other Taylor's) to fit the song. The Director, Dean Karr, choose the location of Cesky Krumlov, which is an exquisite ancient village. I think the imagery complimented the song well and captured the mood of the lyric. KK"