What's Acoustic Anyways?

Hello Katy, This ? is for Roger and Nick. I was wondering if you guys considered doing an acoustic album of original material, just you basic acoustic instruments. Would it be easier to do or would you find the process more daunting? I would love to hear you guys give it a try.
Thanx, Your fan in St. Louis, Milan

" Hi Milan (great name). I know that DD have performed acoustically in the past - unplugged sessions seemed to be 'the thing' in the 90s - and we have thought at different times about going there again. However I think the modern day equivalent is our new found 'electro set' which was part of our Broadway run last year, which if you didn't know involves, JT , NR , SLB and myself coming to the front of the stage and playing electronic instruments in a 'Kraftwerk style'. I think this is much closer to our roots than playing acoustic instruments and will definitely be integrated into our world tour this year. Rt"