One for Katy's Birthday…(thanks John)

Ask Katy

This one is for John. At the May 19, 2008 show in Boca Raton, you mentioned playing at the Hollywood Sportatorium. I saw DD and Powerstation there years ago. What a PIT that place was! Did you really remember that after all these years, or do you do some research about Duran's "history" in a particular city before you get there? Also, since you never did part 2 of your blog, what were your thoughts about the Boca show? (Other than it was terribly hot! I felt so bad for all of you!) Thanks! Cheryl

"You'd be surprised what I can remember!.. I remember Don Johnson joining PS onstage at Hollywood Sportatorium (eat your heart out Katy! Happy Birthday).. Duran played there on the 84 tour and all of our parents came!..As for what we did last week.. That's a little harder to remember!...JT"