Camera This, Camera That

Ask Katy

Dear Nick - So glad to see you back on stage - we've missed you! Can I ask what photography equipment you are using at the moment and if there is one photography book that he would consider essential - either for technique or inspiration? Thanks, Michelle

“I carry Contax T3 almost everywhere with me, however it is becoming increasingly difficult to buy black & white film, and even colour film, in many cities now. In fact , I was recently in Cologne and wandered in to a what appeared to be a photographic shop at the train station, where I inquired whether they had any 35 MM film for my camera. I was met with the response “What century are you from?”

Although I do have several digital cameras, which are very convenient for certain projects, I do still prefer the depth and atmosphere created by real film. Personally, I have never spent much time studying technique, it really depends on what kind of images you wish to create. Mostly, I take Reportage style photos whilst I am traveling but if I ever do specific set ups then it’s all about getting what you want out of your lighting and your subject. Nick"