Yachty Types

I have a question for Simon. I was at a local Mexican restaurant waiting in line to pick up my order when a well-dressed man in his early 50's (maybe 5'9", glasses, balding) approached me. "Are you the one with the Duran Duran license plate in the parking lot?," he asked. I was. He said that his name was "W.F." and that he had sailed with you on The Drum in the 80's -I forgot to ask if it was the year it has capsized. He said that you worked your way up through the ranks and was a very good sailor. He said he'd also sailed with Ted Turner. So... was this guy just trying to get into my pants or is this legit? Much Love, Sarah

"Dear Sarah,

I think you ought to know that I only ever sail with people who would try to get into your pants. Don't be fooled by the 'glasses and balding.'

Hmmm ... W.F. could be Walt Freedomland - foredeck maverick; or even Willy Farquar, who was politely asked to leave Ted Turner's boat after having been discovered on deck at 4 am. with two nubile boat groupies lashed naked to the mast.

Got to watch those yachty types.

whooosh, s"