A Couple of Qs for Nick

Dear Nick, Listening to "Sunrise", I noticed that on beat 3 in the verses, there is a sound that sounds like a bird is being choked into a 'tweet'. How did you get this sound?

Dear Simon, Nick and John, The bridge part in the Daniel Abraham Mix of "Drug", it sounds like the bridge from "Le Freak"! Am I correct that this was where the bridge came from?

Dear guys with Blackberries, This is a very important question. A question that needs a lot of thought, and can very well define the next course of your lives. Will you be trading in your Blackberries for an iPhone? Your friend, Steen from Copenhagen

"That iPhone is going to have to be mighty special if I am gonna let go of this blackberry. I think I will let a few technophile friends (katy!) do the beta testing for 6 months. Don't want any of those mysterious apple battery problems.

As for SUNRISE, I can only imagine that you must be referring to the wonders of the Jupiter 8. This is a unique customized sound which utilizes the oscillators at their most splendid and squeaky.

With regard to DRUG, well I haven't heard that song in a while, so not sure if there are any tonal similarities. We had grown out of our Chic-y boys phase by then though. NR"