Tiger Tiger on Live from London

Hello Katy, On the Live In London documentary Nick describes "Tiger Tiger is as a beautiful flower in the middle of the set", and I totally agree with him. Unfortunately I myself was unable to be in London at the time to experience the magic, and I get my fix by playing Live in London with the sound way up high. So I guess this collection of questions is for the one and only Mr Rhodes. ( I only hope he can find a moment to assist me). Why was "Tiger Tiger" not included on the live DVD? I am also under the impression that the best blend of rap & rock ever recorded titled "White Lines" was played at the Wembly shows. As an avid Duran connoisseur I'm also missing WL, from the Live DVD. Lucky for me I last witnessed WL at that remarkable Enmore show in Sydney 03, however I was hoping to relive the memory on the current DVD. Lastly regarding "songs never played live list" from the reunion show tour book. The epic "Venice Drowning" does not appear on the list, so I assume it has been performed live. My question is who were the fortunate ones to experience Venice live and when was that particular masterpiece performed live ? Kind regards, George William Kopsaftis – Adelaide

“The answer is we simply ran out of space – that’s why neither “White Lines’ and “Tiger Tiger” are not on the DVD. As much as I tried to stretch the DVD, we squeezed the final pixels out and some things had to go. However, I am sure they will surface one day because they were indeed filmed and recorded.

As for “Venice Drowning” – it was most definitely performed at some Festivals in Europe, possibly before the album came out. NR”