Early Rehearsal Space

Hi Katy, On the day of the B'ham NEC Arena concert I toured Hollywood and Whythall with a couple of Italian Duranies. We were keen to visit the places of the early days of Duran Duran. We met a chap who used to go to Silvermead school. He said he used to have an allotment in Batemans Lane. Opposite was a church hall, called St Francis. In the late 1970s he could remember hearing music from the church hall and claims some members of Duran Duran used to practice there. It would be really interesting to know if the old church hall opposite the allotment on the corner of Batemans Lane and Packhorse Lane was ever used for practice. Many thanks, Paul

”Simply don't remember.. but it would not have been Duran Duran noise, only something previous to that and not worthy of the term, 'music'..! JT”