"Nice" Manga

Hi Katy! This one is for Nick if possible.I saw on some legs of Astronaut tour and last on Torino show during the preformance of ''Nice'' on the screen you played a different manga cartoon than Careless Memories version. I was wondering if this was a left over or maybe there were some plans to do something with that cartoon,as it is a very nice one. In general-have you planned to do something more with it than just a live show screen play. Thanks, mario/durancroatia

"Well Mario, I am a great admirer of the Japanese Manga genre. We first created the characters for "Careless Memories" and it would have indeed been a pity to stop right there so we resurrected the characters for the song "Nice." Personally, I think they should have their own soap opera...I will get back to you if I can generate some enthusiasm! NR"