Sabian Cyms

Hello Roger. I am a huge fan of yours and really love your drumming technique. I was very happy to read your article in Drum magazine back in 1985. My question to you is two fold. I read that you swore by Sabian cymbals back in the early 1980's and now I am seeing you use Zildjian. Why
the change?

Second, I have seen some drummers use a glass or plastic sound barrier while playing live. What is the advantage or disadvantage of using this and have you thought about using it while on tour?

PS: I do love the DD sign on your bass drums and I too am a big fan of Tama! Take care. Andre D

"Hi Andre, Yes I was very happy playing Sabian cymbals at the time but guess we are all allowed to change our minds and throughout the years, I come to realise that Zildjian are consistently making the best cymbals in the world, and as far as I can see I will always continue to use them. The glass box is to stop the sound of the drums spilling into the vocal microphones and if sound engineers had their way we would all be sitting in little boxes but not for me thank you! RT"