The Student Union Photo Booth

Ask Katy

I don't Know why it came to my mind the pictures from the inside cover of THE WEDDING ALBUM. Suddenly, I had the need of finding out who was the photographer who took those attractive pictures for the booklet. But now I feel a bit confuse. The credits of the album say Adrian Green is the photographer for the band photo, which I can't see, and it says the individual band photos are courtesy of University of London Student's Union photo booth. So, did you all go to a photo booth, inserted coins, and queued to have your pics taken? Never the cheap had an attractive and very 'arty' result! Also, it seems there are some extra pics from the same "photo session" that weren't included on the inside cover. Any chance we can see those? Thanks a lot! Carlos<p><p> “There was no queue as the band was the only ones there, but yes, all the photos were taken at the London Student Union Photo Booth. It was truly one of the last black and white photo booths they could find in London in 1992. Everyone was pre-warned to fill their pockets with change. Nick still has the strips but he hasn’t decided what to do with them. The photos on the front of the cover are from the bands parent’s weddings.Here’s some trivia for you – Nick took the photo that’s next to the lyrics to the song “Shelter” out of a taxi window in London. KK”