Last Chance Groove

Ask Katy

Hi Katy...question for John...Hey John! You mentioned in some Q&A long ago that you got a lot of inspiration for your bass lines from disco songs out there like "Good Times" etc...Going w/ that I'm wondering if there was any inspiration for your bass line on "Last Chance On The Stairway"? I love playing that song (The Jam's styling in "Start!" comes to mind) and was curious to know if you were inspired by any one band or song in particular for that one? Take Care! Alma Soto, Houston

"Hi Alma. The way I remember that song coming into focus was listening to Roxy Music's 'Same Old Scene'. I think that was the inspiration for the groove, and the chorus, if my memory serves me, was nicked from Debbie Harry's solo track 'Backfired', which, as I'm sure you all remember, was produced by Nile and Bernard. JT"