JT's Record Collection

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, this question is for John. John, I know you have an extensive album collection and your musical tastes are quite varied. Which album in your collection is your favorite and do you listen to the most? Thanks! Lara, Dalton, GA

"Changes daily. For instance, at the moment I'm really chewing on the first Smiths album.. What have I listened to the most over the years? The glorious standbys as they might be called? Ziggy Stardust and many other Bowies... Beatles all and sundry. Some Clash and Stones... Led Zep... I try to broaden my horizons all the time, but I come back to this stuff. Prince too, I just came home, but he drives me crazy, no one person should have that much talent, like Stevie Wonder. Where are the chicks, you say? Joni Mitchell would be number one with "Court and Spark." Oh yeah, and Genesis - A guilty pleasure, I love them, with Gabriel of course, "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway." Jeff Buckley covered that. He's up there of the recent ones.. Is that enuf for ya?... Also new Duran is fucking... AWESOME...J the T"