Surreal Things

Ask Katy

Hello Nick, I was strolling through the Surreal Things exhibit at the V&A and I'm not sure if it was the Schiaparelli fashions, the Vogue and Harper's magazine covers, the pervy Bellmer photos of doll parts or the assorted bondage and fetish items, but you just kept popping into my head! I wondered if you had I mean...SEEN, the exhibition. So...have you? And if so, what did you think of it? Not enough depth about the political divisions within the movement, but apart from that very, very minor complaint, I rather enjoyed it. The Surrealists would have approved (except Breton...but he was such a grumpy old fart anyway). Heigh ho...I digresss...Oh yes and when you are playing Monopoly, which playing piece do you choose? Yes, it does matter, actually. Thanking you most kindly. L(lots of laughter from Nick)

"Strange you should mention our surrealist friends, not a day goes by when my front door key doesn't open a goldfish's tomb of anti-horrors broken in to small shards of remembrance from a local dentist's collection of 1930s typewriters and glass eyeballs. Sadly I have not yet made the short journey to the V&A. I would be marginally surprised, and even more thrilled, if there was anything in the show that I had not previously admired. But nonetheless, I shall dress in a backwards sense and go forward to explore. PS - how could you expect that i would accept any piece other than the top hat?"