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hello there, my question can probably be answered by any of you, but maybe Dom would be the most interested. My stepson is 11 and he started guitar lessons 3 months ago on an old acoustic guitar. Now, my husband, under his request is going to buy him an electric guitar for Christmas. I thought the best thing is to learn on an acoustic first but i might be wrong, i don't know anything about it. Can you please help me,I'm very curious. Also, what do you think of a Fender Strat Squier? thanks again and congratulations for everything you are doing. love, M

"Hi M. I don't think it really matters which you learn on. The important thing is that the student is enthusiastic and wants to learn. Obviously the acoustic doesn't require an amp so that is one less item to worry about, but I think that the electric, regarded as more glamorous, can often be more inspiring. Most Fender Strat Squiers are pretty good and definitely fine for a beginner... though it's worth checking that the edge of the frets are not sharp. Hope this helps. Dom"