Ask Katy

Hi Nick, How did the cover for Red Carpet Massacre come about? And who is the model on the cover? Feet? Thank you Nick. Take care. Mike V.

“John and Nick had been talking about what direction the cover artwork should take. They both agreed that they wanted something modern, sexy, chic, ironic and iconic to reflect the title of the album. They had very little time left to pull everything together as they had been working on the album right up until the deadlines and didn’t have time to focus on the cover. By some divine coincidence, Nick happened to be staying with some friends in France and the girls at the house seemed perfect for RED CARPET MASSACRE so he went in to Cannes, where he imagined it would not be hard to purchase some Red Carpet...and late one afternoon, the girls prepared themselves for their close ups and he spent several hours shooting the ultimate cat fight, which of course, was all about the hair, make up, clothes, shoes and a little attitude. The girl on the front cover is called Anna, the other three girls whose shoes you see are revealed in more detail in the deluxe package, are Natasha, Masha and Irena. Nick sent the results to John, who art directed the project, which was designed by Patty Palazzo. It was a real thrill for them to be able to do this “in house” and they feel they did capture the essence of what they wanted to create for Duran Duran’s RED CARPET MASSACRE. KK”