RCM Equipment

Ask Katy

Katy: Can you tell me what equipment Nick has on stage for their Broadway shows and also what keyboards he used in recording Red Carpet Massacre? Thanks, Alex

“I’ve been using the same live keyboard rig for several years now. Two Roland V Synths, one of which I use with an Akai Sampler for some of the vintage sounds from earlier albums. There is an Alesis Andromeda, a Kurzweil K2000, which I use predominantly for samples from our recordings and a Korg Micro synth which is only used for the vocoder. I use 4 effects pedals, 2 Boss flangers, 1 Boss Phaser and 1 simple delay pedal. I also used most of this equipment on RCM, particularly the V synth although I did use the Roland Jupiter 8 on several tracks. NR"