Devils Influence on RCM

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, As a huge DEVILS fan, i was really surprised when I first heard RED CARPET MASSACRE ; is there any connection between DARK CIRCLES and DD's new cd album (sounds, atmosphere..."uncontrollable hysteria" ...")? I mean....Tricked Out for example...I'm sure that Mr Rhodes has something to say about this...Please keep on the good work. Regards, Stéphane, France

“There was certainly not any conscious thought to relate the two albums however, I imagine that whilst I try and change my musical style and evolve in different ways, there are distinct themes and threads that I can recognize myself running through many of our different projects. You appear to have isolated some of them - “Controlled Hysteria” being one of my personal favorites/ What I had not considered was that The Devils album was more electronic that most Duran Duran have been for awhile. And RED CARPET MASSACRE returns to this style, which I have to say, suits me rather well....NR”