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Ask Katy

John, I am a musician and writer, and fan of duran's music since I was a young gentle soul of 13. I am particularly enchanted with your instruments throughout the years: Nick's battle damaged and recently (I think) retired Jupiter 8, and your heavy music man bass imparted to you by the late great Bernard Edwards.

For the first time I have seen, you are using a 5 string bass! Any special reason for this you would like to share?

Take care and thanks for the great syncopated lines and great melodies,

Mark, West Hollywood California.

"I had a Warwick 5 that i had used on 'Thank You'... 'Ball Of Confusion' i remember... I'm not a huge fan of them but i used one on 'Sunrise', and seeing as that is now a live staple, it means i have to carry one with my live arsenal...JT"

First let me congratulate you on what already seems to be quite a fantastic

But what's this??? John, you said once you weren't a big fan of slapping,
have you changed your opinion because your funkydelicious bass solo in "The
Valley" sure sounds like it! I LUVVVV IT! That is the new "play the
fookin' bass" anthem. Alma

"Funny!.... Lets just say, someone in the studio needing slapping, and i was the man to do it. JT"